Sunday, April 18, 2004

Mind-read some of this

Reading this article at the Weekly Standard when I come across this:

"Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is campaigning for Kerry while secretly hoping he loses so as to clear the way for her own presidential bid in 2008, says" ...

What? Give me a break. When exactly did Mr. Stelzer gain the ability to read minds? This was an entirely unnecessary aside; the least he could do is qualify it with a "probably" so he doesn't sound like such a jack-ass. This comment had basically nothing to do with the rest of the article. Mr. Editor should have cut it, it makes the author sound like a jerk and adds nothing.

In the completely unrelated department, I had previously mentioned the fact that the z on my keyboard stopped working after I spilled some water on my keyboard. Well, yesterday I was demonstrating to someone at work that it didn't work and it suddenly started working again. yay.

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