Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Democratic Referendum in Iraq

Most polls I've seen of the Iraqi people show that most of them want us to be there, helping them form a democratic governemnt, despite the violently vocal minority's intransigence. Perhaps one way the U.S. could silence its critics is to hold a referendum on whether the Iraqi people want us to stay and help them rebuild their society or not. It could be as simple as a single question:

Do you

a) want the Coalition to continue helping Iraq rebuild, to create the first free, secular and democratic Arab government.


b) want the Coalition to leave Iraq.

A fair referendum on such a question would demonstrate our level of support in Iraq, showing how few Iraqis truly oppose us. Even if, somehow, the referendum failed it would provide a good opportunity for us to leave, without suffering additional casualties for an ungrateful people. Either way, we would be better off than the current situation.

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