Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The hardest of the hard-liners

Read an article in Slate about how Bush is distorting Kerry's views on the War on Terror (blaa blaa blaa, same old), and came upon this quote:

"Not even the hardest of the hard-liners today proposes additional land invasions as part of the war on terror."

Ummmm. I do. I think we should militarily depose the mullahs in Iran, hopefully before they get nukes. Because Iran has elements of democracy already (the mullahs have a parallel government that has veto power) we could take out the mullahs without having to occupy the country. There would be a government all but in place; though it would require much assistance.

And on top of this, I think we need to do a little housecleaning in the Bekaa Valley region of Lebanon where the Iranian-backed Hebollah calls home, though it is also infested (with all implications use of this word entails) with other terrorist groups.

So apparently I am the hardest of the hard-liners. Maybe I should add that quote to my sidebar.

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