Thursday, March 18, 2004

What is up with that title?

The title basically derives from me being a smart-ass. In high school English class, someone was trying to come up with the longest word (non-scientific, of course, because they cheat by mashing everything together German style) and my teacher said that Antidisestablishmentarianism was the longest word. As the top of my sidebar says, the word refers to those who were against those who were against the establishment of the Church of England under Henry VIII. So they weren't FOR the Church of England, they were just against those who opposed it. My original (or at least independently arrived at) contribution is to add the -esque to the end of it (making it 33 letters long). I think this version makes more sense to use because no one actually believes in Antidisestablishmentarianism, but someone could remind you of that group.

An additional advantage is that I now have the blog with the longest one word name. I am King of the One-Word Name Blogs or KOWNB, for short. I hereby declare that all blogs shall link to me! All those not obeying this command will sentenced to death (sentence to be carried out between now and forever). That is all. For now. [evil cackle in the background]

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