Thursday, March 18, 2004

Me vs I

I started a post a while ago and it had a really great intro. But then I got bogged down. Didn't know how to say what I wanted. I guess I'm too used to arguing with myself; it's much more difficult to structure an argument for other people. When I debate myself (and I do, nothing wrong with that) I don't have to flesh out each point so it goes much faster. Trying to write, I get too far ahead of myself and have a difficult time filling in the blanks for other people. It's irritating but also part of why I'm doing this blog. If you have to write about something it forces you to think it through much more deeply than just for yourself. I've got some great ideas spinning around for future posts, but I need to get them more organized beforfe putting them in front of the world (or something). Stay tuned.

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