Monday, July 19, 2004

Four More Wars

Was reading the moonbat comments to this Kevin Drum post, and came upon this gem:

"Four More Wars
Bush Cheney 04

And we can pay for them with four more tax cuts for the rich.

I know he was attempting sarcasm but I think that sounds about right (maybe a little fast). After all, there are still two members of the Axis of Evil left, right? And don't forget about Syria, and maybe Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Lebanon, or China (trying to take advantage of our being distracted) as number five.

We would have to pick up the pace a little but compared to the past four years (only two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq), but I think it could be done. It's also a nice, catchy slogan.

Note: Four more wars is a perfectly defendable idea, but it would probably take ten years instead of four to get it done.

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